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Unlike others things in life, Health Insurance isn't one size fits all.  Since 2005, Inbound Services Group has been working with people to find a plan designed to fit their needs and budget.  Our staff of licensed life and health agents are experts who work with the county's top carriers.  They have the knowledge and tools to find the best fit plan for you.  Having an expert assisting you in this process is more important than ever since the new Healthcare Reforms Law has went into effect.  Give us a call and let us assist you with your health insurance needs.

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Mayo Clinic In Network Insurance

If you have Blue Cross insurance at your work and your doctor is at the Mayo Clinic, your insurance covers your doctor in network.  If you leave your job and get individual coverage with Blue Cross it will not pay in network.  You will go from a small co-pay to a large out of network co-insurance.    If you want to go to the Mayo Clinic and have individual insurance, Assurant has plans with different network available, so you can

Mayo Clinic and Individual health plans

Mayo Clinic is one of the Highest rated Hospital groups in the United States, but did you know that there are few individual plan options contracted with them offering coverage In Network? You may ask yourself with this means to you, simply enough, insurance plans that are not contracted with Mayo Clinic will have much higher out of pocket expenses, typically only a 50% coverage and a balance bill.